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An impromptu bake - Semolina Sandwich Bread

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An impromptu bake - Semolina Sandwich Bread

I have a levain build in progress for tomorrow, but found myself wanting to make something today. I opted for this Semolina Sandwich bread. I had to tweak it, as I only had 287 gm of semolina (Bob's Red Mill, discovered in bulk at our local Winco a couple of days ago). So the rest of the flour is KAF AP. Otherwise, I did the rest the same.

It smells heavenly! Crumb shot tomorrow..... 


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Abe (not verified)

To be posted on our current community bake. It's definitely semolina's time to shine. Looks like a lovely loaf and looking forward to the crumb shot and taste report. 

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An excellent choice.  zolablue was one of the first wave of TFL "stars", and she is pretty highly regarded by the long-in-the-tooth members here. If you used BRM it is likely to have been Semolina #1, which is a rougher grind than the powdery durum semola rimacinata that is more typically used for bread baking.  A very nice loaf, and now I have to add it to my "wheel of fortunate" for a future bake.  Thanks for posting.

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That’s a lovely loaf you baked and I agree you definitely should post this to the CB, join in on the semolina fun. Can’t wait to see the crumb.