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Cheesecake factory's Brown Bread

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Cheesecake factory's Brown Bread

Honestly I don't know what's the real taste of this as we don't have 'Cheesecake Factory' here in Sydney but decided too just give it a try..

My sister from L.A. Suggested that I make these Brown Bread from @cheesecakefactory that she said was terrific but instead of using commercial yeast I’ve converted a recipe I got online(kitchen trials) to Sourdough which I think turned out okay.

Taste has a strong coffee/chocolate flavour with a bit of sweetness.. Fermentation was okay got worried that it may not rise but it did.

May need to make this again but using fresh yeast. Was too sour the next day!

Cheesecake Factory brown bread
125g Bread Flour
75g Whole Wheat
100g Water
45g Starter
6g Brown Sugar
6g Cocoa Powder
8g Coffee
4g Salt
12g unsalted butter
36g Honey
12g Molasses 

In a mixer or by hand start mixing flour+water+starter rest for an hour(will be tough to mix) then add the rest of the ingredients and start kneading until dough develops gluten. 

I left to ferment for 8 hours then shape like a baguette then sprinkled with rolled oats and proof for 2 hours.

Baked on a baking steel @ 200c deg for 15mins/160c deg for another 15mins.