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Type 85 vs Type 85 Malted for Sourdough

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Type 85 vs Type 85 Malted for Sourdough

Hey All,

i've been using Central Millings Type 85 organic flour for my 'house' sourdough bread and usually buy in 50 pound bags, I was going to rebuy and started wondering if I should pick up the Type 85 Malted Organic flour instead, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts around malted type 85 and if its better to work with over the regular Type 85? I tend to stick to 80-85% dough's, all Type 85.

Thank you,


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I believe malting increases enzymatic activity in the flour and provides some simple sugars that can be metabolized by the yeast/leaven. It helps condition the dough and from what I understand generally improves the breadbaking characteristics of the flour without affecting flavor. I have used both type 85 organic and the type 85 malted from their red rose line of products, and I haven't found a gigantic difference in them, though I generally don't use higher extraction flour as the primary component of my bread so the difference may be more dramatic for a loaf that's 100% type 85. Either way they are both good flours and I think a big plus is the type 85 malted from the red rose line is cheaper than the organic one.