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Sourdough Rolls

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Sourdough Rolls

Can I make dinner rolls with the same dough recipe I use to make artisan bread? My normal recipe is 920g white flour, 230g wheat, 230g starter, and 863g water (75% hydration). I usually bake at 450F for an hour and the loaves come out great. My plan was to use the same dough and shape into rolls and let them rise in a muffin tin overnight in the fridge. I am used to baking my loaves in dutch ovens and have a gas oven so I wasn't sure how to adjust temperature and cooking times if I use a muffin tin. I understand that it is difficult to keep moisture in gas ovens. Any comments and shared experience welcome. Thanks!

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Sure can. Enjoy!

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I have done rolls with my normal bread recipes - they bake up pretty quickly so watch them carefully, start testing at about 10 minutes.  Muffin tins are going to make pretty small rolls, I haven't tried muffin tins as I am usually looking for buns for burgers or sandwiches and not rolls.  You might be able to put the muffin tin in a large roaster with a lid to keep some steam going, otherwise I'd just spray the tops with water before you start. Good luck.

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I have had more success with a dedicated roll recipe. I find with bread dough, it can be difficult to get the rolls to brown in time before the crumb gets overcooked.

Also a dedicated roll recipe will give you a softer moister crumb, which I think is more appropriate.

Generally this is achieved by enriching the dough with butter, sugar (or your preferred sweetener) and milk.