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Tartine Style Country Sourdough Bread

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Tartine Style Country Sourdough Bread

Tartine Style Country Bread
30g Rye Flour
60g Whole Wheat
230g Strong Bread Flour
272g Hydration
90g Starter(100% Hydration)

-Flour+Water Autolyse for 2 hours
-Added starter and salt mixed by hand(Rubaud Method)
-Bulk Fermented for 9 hours(Didn’t gave a gassy dough as it was cold yesterday.)
-Stretch and folds in bowl 5 times 30min to 1 hour intervals
-Pre-Shaped and rested for 1 hour
-Shaped and left on bench top overnight.
-Next morning in freezer for an hour then bake!
-250c Deg for 15 Min/200c Deg for 25 Min

This is definitely inspired by 'Trevor Jay Wilson' totally love this guy, he make everything looks so easy!

Things that I learned from this recipe and bake, The dough ferments quicker that any other recipe. 

Youtube Channel -

Started a channel in YouTube to document my bakes and start sharing my experience, Trying my best to take videos of every bakes that I do from now onwards...


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The crumb is inspiring.

Was wondering what your kitchen temperature is? A 9 hour bulk, followed by a second proof on the counter overnight sounds (assuming you sleep for 8 hours that makes 17 hours in total). With that amount of levain the kitchen must have been cold during the day and night, right?

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Thank you!! yes it was so cold that time, house insulation wasn't that great.. maybe 6°c to 10°c that time? not sure really but even my levain took at least 12 hours before its ready that time.