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Black Sesame Seeded Sourdough

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Black Sesame Seeded Sourdough

Made and baked last year and was posted on Instagram, I'm trying to put all my bakes on here! So! this was a loaf that is covered with lots of black sesame seeds, Flavour was okay but should have added some seeds to dough as well. That would my next experiment! So many plans!

Didn't had so much oven spring just enough for the dough to burst and create the famous 'Ear' the more I aim for open crumb the less oven spring I get, Guess we can't have both?

350g Flour Mix - 90% Premium Bakers Flour or Strong Bread Flour/10% Whole Wheat
260g Water
70g Starter(10% Rye/90% SBF)
8g Salt
Lots of Black sesame seeds

Baked using a big stainless steel bowl pre heated and covered the dough, sort of like a DO, Got the idea from one of the Admins from FB groups(Oliver Kunz)

Had a descent amount of photos!


 Youtube Channel -

 Started a channel in YouTube to document my bakes and start sharing my experience, Trying my best to take videos of every bakes that I do from now onwards...


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Lovely loaf with a beautiful black sesame crust and open crumb.  Nice bake Carlo.


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Thanks Benny! Truly a lovely loaf of bread..