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Tartine Brioche

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Tartine Brioche

Tried the Tartine Brioche recipe this weekend and was quite pleased with the results.  See below for some pics. 

The dough includes 45% butter, 40% poolish, and 30% leaven. 

A few things I would do differently next time:

  • Cut recipe by 1/4.  I halved it this time and still ended up with 6 mini loaves! 
  • Egg wash tops of loaves with whole egg instead of egg yolk only.  I think the concentrated color made the tops of the loaves darken much faster, so they almost look burnt.  Or I would tent the loaves with foil mid-bake. 

What is the best way to store these brioche babies?  

Happy baking! :) 


Midway through bulk fermentation - a very forgiving dough, which was easy and fun to work with during shaping. 

End of final rise - pudgy little loaves! 

Crumb - soft, fluffy, and buttery, just as expected.  

And another close-up of the crumb (and a glimpse of how dark the top of the loaves got). 

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Yes! I baked this in May 2020. 

good suggestion to reduce the recipe!

mine was also too dry and too dark on top.  
Recipe says to cook at 450. Lower the temp to 400-425.