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New range recommendations

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New range recommendations

Hello, can you guys please give me recommendations on a 30" gas range with a convection oven that actually works? I have bought many expensive ovens and none of them cook evenly. If I could, I would buy a commercial one but it's not practical for my kitchen remodel. I want a reliable oven that will bake 3 rows of croissants perfectly without having to rotate pans or anything like that. I can't find any sites that review the convection property of the oven and everyone talks about how the oven looks but now how it functions. Can you guys please help and give me some recommendations?

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Perfect doesn't exist. 


I installed a mid-upper price range Jenn Air convection oven in a previous house and I liked it. Convection feature was good, broiler heated quickly.  The glass broke and was replaced under warranty.  The electronic controls were flaky sometimes.  Nothing is perfect.  


In the same house as I referred to above, the previous owner installed a Thermador gas cooktop.  It was an outstanding piece of equipment that worked flawlessly for 30 years.  We sold the house and the cooktop was working as it should.  


Based on my experience with these two brands, I would look at Thermador and see if they offer a range that meets your requirements and budget.  Blue Star Cooking (Prizer Painter Stove Works) in Pennsylvania produces higher end equipment, have a look at their product range. 

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Hello Burnett, Like you, I was determined to find a pro oven with a 30" width. Turned out the oven cavities were extremely small volume. The stove top portions were awesome, but I wanted an equally good oven capability and lack the space for the side by side cavities you see on brands like Wolf or Viking.
I shopped in person to compare as best I could. Wound up with a Samsung Chef's Collection (NX58K985XX). The oven cavity is a large 5.8 cu. ft.
To your point of convection, they do claim a feature called "True Convection." There are not one, but two convection fans that circulate air in the upper and lower portion of the oven cavity.
I have measured the accuracy of the oven with a leave in thermo probe and a Thermoworks Chef Alarm. I found it to run 25 degrees hotter than the temperature displayed. If you research this, you will find this is at the low end of normal temperature variance. You have the option to calibrate this oven using Samsung's temperature offset feature once you have measured the variance in yours.
After about two and half years, I had to replace the igniter due to all my bread baking. I sourced the part myself for $75 and learned how to install it from YouTube videos. No unusual tools were needed.
The stove top features four burners of different diameters and BTU ranges, one being a dual ring burner as is common on pro stove tops.
Hope you find many choices to consider, that what you want is in stock in a pandemic and that you will be happy with your choice. Let us know how you enjoy your purchase.

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Thanks, that looks promising. I was looking at a bosch because it has "true convention". I will add this oven to my short list.