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35th bake. 01/29/2021. 83% WW. 1418 g of dough.

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35th bake. 01/29/2021. 83% WW. 1418 g of dough.

Jan. 28 - 29, 2021.

I think this was my first attempt at an angled score cut. It came out good. I scored the dough after putting it on the pre-heated dutch oven (combo cooker) lid.

I accidentally hit the dough with the edge of the cover as I was putting the cover on. So that made the sloppy mark on top. Otherwise it would have been a nice square "hat." Note to self: next time, do some more scoring on the center top.

This has my usual add-ins, hot-soaked this time: whole chia seeds, ground flaxseed, poppy seeds, whole caraway seeds, quick oats, powdered milk.

The ground/toasted bread spice was not put in the soaker, or dispersed in the K.A. bread flour, but should have been -- it did not mix well with the dough.  

I increased the amount of ingredients in order to fill out the 9" inner diameter cooking surface of the lid. After cooling, I will age the loaf for another 20 (22 hours total since end of bake) in a 2-gallon zipper bag.





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Mini Oven

Tasty looking loaf with a nice lift.  

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That looks really great Dave, you must be happy with this.


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An impressive looking loaf for 83% WW, Dave! It looks like your incremental experiments are bearing fruit!



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Yes, it does have the best outer look so far.  But the heft indicates it's a bit dense.

I could not resist and I cut  it open early.

It could have used more bulk ferment. It's just a smidge underfermented and dense. I cut short the bulk ferment so I could shape and put it in fridge before going to bed. Or, I could'a should'a bulk fermented it at a slightly higher temp.

I violated the rule about watching dough instead of clock.