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Replacement belt for Magic Mill stand mixer

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Replacement belt for Magic Mill stand mixer

A bit more than two years ago, buoyed by the advice I got on this forum, I bought an Assistent DLX that was used at least 10 years before it came to me and that I have been thrilled with (thanks very much to all who participated in that thread).  But I'm noticing momentary but distinct dips in rotational speed under load (and not especially heavy ones at that), so I'm thinking my belt has seen better days and I should have a replacement belt on stand-by if/when this one fails.  The problem is, I can't find one.   I've checked,, eBay, Amazon, and a general search of the Intewebs (which I'm sure gets no help from the machine's many changes in names over the years), but I can't find one. I'd bet dollars to donuts I can get what I'm looking for at an auto parts store, or tractor supply, but only if I knew its particulars, which I don't.  And I'm too lazy to open it up to remove the existing belt to take with me to match (besides which it might be stretched out of spec anyway).

So after all that I finally get to the obvious question.  Anybody know who sells a suitable replacement?

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You may be out of luck for parts.  Ankarsrum was spun off from Electrolux more than 10 years ago.  You may be able to find a scraper for an Electrolux Assistant, but I doubt you'll be able to find a belt for an older model.  The best option for an older mixer is either KitchenAid, or Hobart.

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It is possible it is the belt, but it if it the older Magic Mill, it is also possible it is a bent motor mounting bracket

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I also have a feeling that my DLX2000 got louder, but haven't had the heart to look inside.  And conveniently the link also show the exact model of the belt.

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Just take the bottom plate off and look.  It is really clean and simple.  If the belt is worn there should be some particulates that have fallen off and are probably resting on the bottom plate.  And as they say in bridge, "a peek is worth a 1000 finesses"

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 You might contact They've sold the mixer for a long time and might have repair information or contacts.  Patsy

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There are two belts available. This is the one that fits an N28 and the rest of that family. Shipping is 45 euros to the US so total is around $100.

If that one is not right according to the model listing, scroll up a few pages until you find the other one (a little more expensive but available)

The other possibility is to contact a company that used to be the US service rep

105 Pleasant Ave,
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

Phone: 201.785.8840