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Open crumb in not traditional panettone

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Open crumb in not traditional panettone

Hello. First of all this is my first post on the forum so nice to meet you and thanks for your attention.

I’m challenging with panettone, studying and trying. I’ve converted my liquid starter into solid pasta madre more than  1 month ago and it’s pretty strong now (it was good even 1 week after conversion). I keep it in the fridge for max 5 days locked in a clean cloth and when I’m in production I use water mainteinence for the night time refreshing it 3 times a day for a couple of days at T~28C. It easly triple in 3.5h more or less. I also use sugar baths when needed. Here some pics. 

So I’m happy with the result but I’m looking for a more

Open crumb. You will say that original panettone has a light texture with small and regular holes. Thats true but I want to

achieve a different result and I’m wondering. What should I

Change? The recipe I use is like

Giorillis one. Working with a lot of yolks (18% in the forst dough and 32% in the second) and no water in the second dough. Butter is 24% in the first and around 40% in the second. Thats the last result, even if pasta madre was stronger then ever the result is similar to the past ones. First dough tripled in 8h but was a little overproofed, dunno if its a real problem for the crumb. I use bio and white strong flour stone milled with a pinch of malt.

so my question is: how can I achieve a better open crumb like roy’s one?

thanks is advance and feel free to ask me infos