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yeast die during baking

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yeast die during baking

hi all,

does anyone know for sure if all the yeasts in sourdough, or bakers yeast die when baked?

ive just had an IgG test and yeast comes up high on intolerance.

Yeast is in everything as a flavouring which Im not worried about cutting out, sourdough bread on the other hand :(


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Abe (not verified)

I'm not a mavin on yeast and it's role when it comes to intolerance but they're all dead by the time the bread is baked. Now whether yeast dead or alive might still get a reaction is one for a scientist. Food is not alive but one can still have intolerance. 

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Yeast dies above 140F, well below recommended internal bread temp when considered done. How that effects ones sensitivity to it is best left to the attending physician. Enjoy! 

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Yes, yeast all die when baked. However, what is the test looking for? If it is trying to match proteins from yeast (as is done, incidentally, for Covid virus using a more sophisticated test), the proteins don’t go away on the death of yeast. They are likely to be denatured and have a different structure, but without knowing what the test is looking for it is hard to draw a conclusion. What I’m trying to say is that the viability of the yeast may not affect whether you will react to it. 

Before you take other action, however, you may want to read this article on IgG tests and allergies in general:


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They fly to the great bulk fermentation in the sky, waiting for the second rise.