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Vermont Sourdough with whole-wheat

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Vermont Sourdough with whole-wheat

This is a 10% whole-wheat sourdough that is our everyday bread. It is great in the morning with bacon and eggs and an extra slice with vegemite or a jam. I bake it once a week or sooner if we run out. I gift a loaf to the guy next door occasionally as he mows our front nature strip when he is doing his own. A great sourdough that I have been baking for years and never misses.Cheers,Gavin


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Beautiful loaf Gavin, I can see why it is your go to sourdough bread.  It has a wonderful crust and crumb and you’ve certainly perfected it.


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Abe (not verified)

Makes a great go-to bread and after years of baking it I bet you make it without having to think about the recipe. Nice looking loaf and perfect crumb. This kind of bread will compliment anything. 

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Looks perfect with a nice open crumb.

Happy baking!

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Thank you, fellow bakers. I occasionally sub rye in for the whole-wheat flour, but our favourite is wheat. I don't need to refer to my spreadsheet when making this anymore, it's embedded in my brain! I wake some nights after dreaming of making it. My doc has given me a certificate to say I'm sane :)