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Long ferment Detroit/Sicilian pizza dough?

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Long ferment Detroit/Sicilian pizza dough?

Hey gang. 

I’m a commercial foods teacher and as part of my job I run the school cafeteria. I have been working the last 4 or so weeks on nailing down a solid sourdough pizza dough recipe that is a thicker pan style crust that can stay alive for up to 5 days in the fridge without the gluten getting totally blown out. I have had middling success with anything past 5 days. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.

Been working with ap flour at a 70-75% moisture level. Bake at 500f. Initially I was stretching dough neopolitan style but Since been pounding it for stretch in a pan and letting it proof in pan before bake to give the pizza crust some more structure and body so it does not cool off and fall apart while sitting. 


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What temp is your fridge?

Just to make sure I'm reading you correctly, you're saying your dough is still consistently good through the end of 5 days, or 120 hours. And now you want to take it beyond 5 days.  Is that correct?

That's pretty impressive in itself. Usually the cookbook authors say up to  72 hours.


I have Gemignani's "Pizza Bible" and Forkish's "Elements of Pizza."  They recommend higher protein flour than AP for their Detroit and Sicilian styles.

I'm a fan of pan pizza, thick Detroit style in particular.

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I pretty regularly make multiple loaf batches of bread. Dough is always refrigerated for at least 24 hours and often for up to 5 days. The few times I’ve somehow managed to end up with a 6-7 day old dough, it’s been sad. Loose, wet goo that’s hard to work with and doesn’t make great loaves. Can’t see why pizza dough would be any different, though oven spring might not be a big deal for a flat bread.

You haven’t explained why you’d want more than a 5 day retard, but if it’s just for future prep you might consider freezing dough. Grocery stores do it. I have no experience with freezing unbaked dough but I’d be surprised if there are not folks here at TFL who can provide guidance.

Good luck,


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Maybe this idea. I did not tried myself.