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Starter Day 2

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Starter Day 2


I started my starter 1/2 at 9:30AM 50/50 KABF/KAWW. 20g 1:1:1

1/3 9:30AM no activity just lots of little micro bubbles but no rise

I gave this a quick stir and the texture seems to me runny and liquidity. Should I feed this or wait until 1/4 9:30AM.


I also have another two starters the say way, but with rye flour.

12/30 started 10:30

12/31 fed 24 hours: doubled in size

1/1 fed 12 hours: no activity

1/2 fed at 24 hours: no activity

1/3 fed 8:30am: no activity

1/3 should I feed this again at night time?