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How French Baguettes Are Made In Paris (YouTube)

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How French Baguettes Are Made In Paris (YouTube)

This film was made in Feb 2020, before the pandemic hit France. At that time, Mahmoud M’seddi was planning to open a bakery in Canada. Was it already open?

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Tremendous amount of kneading, nice. 


Thanks for sharing this, it's interesting.  I hope this gets wide viewership on this site, because the video shows exactly the opposite of the low/no kneading concept.  This video shows dough with extensive mechanical kneading, which is required to achieve the baguette crumb and crust.   Hopefully the no-knead fad will fade away. 

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The Roadside Pi...

I did find it interesting, and I am perplexed that both methods when executed as prescribed work like a charm? 

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