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Quick discard starter pancake

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Mini Oven

Quick discard starter pancake

Left over rye starter discard combined with a big pinch of baking soda, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and one egg (which in my case doubled the batter volume.)  Mix with a fork and pour into a cold pan. Turn up the temp to medium high and sprinkle the flattening pancakebread with green onions ringlets. Flip when pancake sets to toast onions.  :)

Happy New Year!

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Mini Oven

and onions or

chocolate chips or sprinkles (no onions) or

nuts or broken cookies or

chilies and cheese or



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Thanks for all the great suggestions for discard starter.


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... because it looks sooooo good! I'm new to baking, and have been getting my proverbial feet wet by starting with yeast breads. I'm finally mentally ready to start swimming into a little deeper waters, and am registered for a beginner sourdough class 3 weeks from now. One thing I figured out is internet videos etc can only get you so far when it comes to how things feel. I'm hoping the class will shorten my learning curve and cut a few flops out of my education, lol. Looking forward to having discard to have fun with, as bonus material to sourdough breads!!

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Rustic Rye

I love how easy that is. All of those options sound delicious. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Mini Oven

and I suggest serving it hot on a warm plate giving everyone a set of chopsticks to tear off pieces at the table.  Watered down soy sauce or fish sauce makes a fast dip.