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Guar gum and psyllium experiment, 12/30/20.

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Guar gum and psyllium experiment, 12/30/20.

Dec. 30, 2020.

Goal: to add soluble and insoluble fiber to white (refined) bread flour with guar gum, psyllium powder, chia seed and flaxseed.


A few days ago I did this by just throwing the ingredients together without measuring anything. I made a pita (flatbread) with it, and baked it in my toaster oven on a Lodge cast iron 9.25" serving griddle.

It came out surprisingly good.  So I decided to try again, measuring the ingredients this time so I can repeat it and share with others.

  • 100 grams Gold Medal Bread Flour.
  • 5 grams whole dry chia seed.
  • 5 grams ground flaxseed.
  • 1 gram pure psyllium powder. Purchased at an Indian grocery store, Patel Brothers.
  • 1 gram guar gum, "Pure Organic Ingredients" brand, purchased from Amazon.
  • 2 grams salt.
  • .5 gram instant dry yeast.
  • 10 grams cold starter, 100% hydration. Last fed evening of 12/26.
  • 61 grams bottled spring water. Maybe 1 gram more was added during kneading.

Make sure the guar gum and psyllium are well distributed/mixed with the flour prior to adding water, otherwise they will clump.

I forgot that I had used some fat-free milk powder and a dash of nutritional yeast in my previous attempt, and did not use them this time.

Started first ferment around 11:30 am.  Dough is a _little_ stiff.

Shaped into 8.5" diameter round flatbread, started final proof, around 1:00pm.  The dough had softened and loosened up noticeably, and was easy to shape.


Pre-heated toaster oven, with both upper and lower elements turned on, to 400 F indicated. I'm not sure what actual is. Held temp at 400 for 10 minutes to get cast iron griddle/plate up to temp.

At 2:00pm, after a 1 hour final proof, I docked the flat dough with a fork, so it wouldn't puff up, and loaded in the toaster oven,  with the side with holes facing up. Lowered thermostat to 350 F, and turned off upper element, leaving lower element enabled.

Baked 5 minutes, flipped the bread over, and baked 4 minutes more.

Internal temp was 206 F.

The first down side (the side without holes) resulted more crispy than I wanted, but the other side was perfect.  I will likely pre-heat to only 350 next time, and bake 4.5 minutes each side.


There is a mild off taste that I think is the psyllium. So I will eliminate it next time.


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I remade the flatbread today without the psyllium, and with double the amount of guar gum.

I did not detect the off taste as before. So I assume it was the psyllium.  The texture was still good.


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I made a 3rd batch, same as the 2nd (no psyllium, 2% guar gum), and made a 5" cast iron pan pizza out of a 77 gram portion of dough.  It came out good.


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Nice to see your experiment with this formula progressing towards what you are trying to achieve Dave.

Happy New Year


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This formula (2% guar gum, no psyllium) is working out great for mini pizzas in a 6.5" Lodge cast iron skillet, using Ragusea's formula from utube, browning the underside on a stove-top burner, and finishing under the oven's broiler.

The guar gum is to add soluble fiber and reduce the glycemic index of the white flour.