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Cool ferment - baseline test #2

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Cool ferment - baseline test #2

Let's try this again. 

I started with **250G of dough at 79F. I was shooting for 300G (12G less than approx. 25%) I forgot about it and had to run up from my office at 1hr. 40 min. Looks like I may have just caught it? The crest in the center is about 300G. 

 I did a pretty nice job at the shaping, I think. We are now in cold delay/arrest. The oven is preheating. Judging by yesterday one hour is all it will take to proof. 

**Actual mass of dough was 550 grams.

My question:

did I

A- hit the bulk mark on the head

B- overshoot

C- Undershoot

D- Close enough for rock and roll 

Refrigerator temperature

Starting point

End of bulk ferment


Now that is a nicely proofed bat!

 Four hours from the mixer to the cooling rack. Nice to know I can bake in the morning and have fresh batard for lunch! That being said, this weekend's aim, to delay/arrest fermentation from 60 minutes to 8 hrs.