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Softer or thinner crust on my Sourdough

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Softer or thinner crust on my Sourdough

I have been baking sourdough since the start of lockdown and have got into a really good routine with a recipe that I'm really happy with.

I fancy experimenting a bit however and the bread comes out with a good crumb, relatively thick send crunchy crust. It's not too thick, it's perfect tbh, but it's a little much for the kids.

With this in mind I'd like to get a lighter, softer or thinner crust but I'm not really sure what to tweak.

I see a lot of posts online saying that to really do this you need an oven with steam injection but just stopping there... The thing is I DO have an oven with steam injection and use it for my bread. I have it on the whole bake usually. Seems the things I can change are temp, cooking times and steam levels, but don't want to lose my oven spring!!

Any advice?








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While still warm (not hot, warm) throw in a plastic bag. Moisture will migrate to the crust, remain there and soften it. Enjoy!

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If you are retaining steam in your oven throughout the entire bake, you will get a thicker, more chewy crust. To achieve a thin crust apply steam immediately upon loading your loaves, but vent after 10 minutes or when the crust just begins to take on color. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your finished product.