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Russian Black Bread-baking suggestions?

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Russian Black Bread-baking suggestions?

I was thinking of making a Russian Black Bread and was given a recipe from a friend. However, it is a bread machine recipe and I want to bake it in the oven. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to handling and baking? For example, for this type of bread, do you create steam in the oven (for thick, crunchy crust)? What temperature and time? I have been using a very hot oven for Italian breads, but I think with the sugar content of the black bread, it would scorch. Still, I like the initial very hot oven for a fast initial rise. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Peabody

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First, let me say that I am a novice but I recently made a Russian Black Bread that was originally a bread machine
recipe and it came out quite well. I found a website for converting recipes and basically it said that bread machine recipes usally have you combine ingredients in reverse order. So, just do as you normally would with a regular recipe..yeast, liquid, sugar, flour and then salt. Knead, into a greased bowl to rise etc. My recipe had molasses and it was sticky, a bit of work when I first started kneading it. I baked it on a cookie sheet with cornmeal (I'm working on getting a stone) with a pan of water on the bottom of stove at 425 deg for 2o minutes. Good luck!