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Sourdough starter - mouldy?

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Sourdough starter - mouldy?

Hello! I’ve had my starter for almost a year now and have recently started feeding it once a week and leaving in the fridge which has been fine. I last fed the starter about 8-9 days ago and when taking out of the fridge I noticed a white ‘noodly’ looking hard lump. Any thoughts on what this is and if my starter is still ok?

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Abe (not verified)

And you've managed to remove it completely showing healthy starter underneath. I think it'll be fine whatever the case. Just give your starter some TLC. When refrigerating starter I find allowing it to double and start building up some acidity before refrigeration helps it keep longer. 

I'm no expert but I think it's starved yeasts that morph into what you see. Can happen with neglected starters although yours wasn't abandoned for too long. Healthier feeds should perk it up.