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Integrating Seeds

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Integrating Seeds

Tartine directions to integrate seeds is a bit perplexing to me, after the second fold, p.112 "Use you hands to cut and squeeze the seeds into the dough".

It's counterintuitive to assault the dough like that when you're trying to build nice, long gluten structure.  Why not just mix the seeds in the initial mix?  Perhaps after the water is integrated so the seeds don't absorb an inordinate amount of water.  And maybe boost the hydration a tad in case the seeds still absorb some water.

Any thoughts or recommendations on the matter will be appreciated!


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Jon, are you familiar with the lamination technique? If the seeds are large and have jagged edges the most gentle technique I am aware of is to perform a lamination at some time during the BF. After the dough is stretched out, sprinkle the seeds and fold back up.


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That's a good idea!  Seems easily integrated into the stretch and fold.

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Hi Jon, I frequently like to add inclusions and typically add them in thirds during lamination.  

I’ve posted this video in another thread a while back when I made it but I show how I add inclusions during lamination.