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Question about JMonkey's WWSD sandwich bread

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Question about JMonkey's WWSD sandwich bread



Question about the recipe

It says that it's supposed to be 75% hydration

But when I calculate it, it turns out to be about %.

Am I doing calculations wrong? Should I add more water?

From website:

Whole wheat flour: 500 grams or about 4 cups
Salt: 10 grams or 1.25 tsp
•    Using a wet starter: 225 grams or 1 cup
Whole wheat Starter: Two options
•    Wet starter (100% hydration) 300 grams or 1 ¼ cup
Honey: 21 grams or 1 Tbs
Unsalted butter: 14 grams or 1 Tbs

So that's 650 g of flour all together (500+150 from starter)

375g of water (225+150)

so that's 58% hydration??

Or does honey and butter factor in so it somehow adds to 75%hydration?




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The Roadside Pi...

Now that is a name I have not heard in quite some time.

Hello, Ms. Sweet.

 I hope you are well. It would seem that Mr. Monkey, neglected to add in the 150G (wet starter) flour to his hydration calculation. The funny thing is he did remember to add in the starter water. 

 That being said, have a look at this formula, it was developed at the Univerity of Washington bread lab. The fresh loaf did a community bake based on this formula not so very long ago. Many of us had very good results. I customized, the formula, I use it still in a double batch now and again. 

The Bread Lab, Approachable Bread Project

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Thank you so much. Your recipe was exactly what I was looking for in terms of ingredients and lack of (eggless for egg allergy)

I just started sourdough and I'm not getting rise like I do with commercial yeast when I just replaced it in my normal milk bread formula. Looking forward to trying this!!!

Since it's for 9in pan I guess I'll use 1.5kg for 13in.



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Actually additional question. Should I do a full feed first before using this recipe?

My starter is in the fridge.