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Baguette Production Video

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Baguette Production Video

I chanced upon a video made by Grands Moulins de Paris describing the production of baguette by the straight dough process - ie no poolish or other preferment.

Grands Moulins de Paris are the same company as Moule Bie - a French volume flour miller, but I think they are trying to up their artisan credentials.

What I liked about the video was watching the pre-shaping and shaping process, which I thought was shown with more clarity than I have ever seen before.

I gave the method a whirl with some Foricher T65 flour I already had; I reduced the hydration to 67% and used IDY at 0.38%. It made a nice baguette with good flavour - not as interesting as a poolish or SD bake, but fine for a quick and simple bake.