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Golden Raisin Bread - Hamelman

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Golden Raisin Bread - Hamelman

This is Hamelman's Golden Raisin Bread. The baked loaf tasted very nice. I used organic raisins and some seemed to erupt through the surface in the oven. I increase the raisins next time. The crumb was nice and light for this bread. I'll post the formula below.

Process – Golden Raisin Bread  
PrefermentsLiquid levain  
MixingType of mixerby hand  
First FermentationLength of time12-16 hrs 
Final DoughDDT25C  
MixingType of mixerHand 
 Mix style    
 3 speed    
 Stretch & fold15 mins  
Bulk Fermentation    
 length of time1 to 2 hours 
 number of folds1 if 2 hour fermentation
 timing for folds1 hr  
 dough temp25C  
ShapingOblongDivide 680g 
  Resting time20 mins 
  Shape round or oblong
  Proofing devicebanneton 
Proof & BakeFinal Proof time50-60 mins25C
  Oven typeMiele with steam
  Steam 5 mins prior 
    & first 10 minutes
  Total bake40-45 mins 
  Temperature238C15 mins
    221C25-30 mins


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Very tempting looking loaf you’ve baked there Gavin.  Thanks for sharing the recipe/formula for this delicious looking bread.  I also always have inclusions like raisins really pop through to the outside of the bread where they burn. I’ve always wondered if there was a way to avoid that.  When I add inclusions I’ve thought of doing it one time during a lamination but only adding them during the final part of the letterfold that way they are more in the center of the dough.  So when following up with further coil folds they might stay inside.  Not sure that would work or if they would then only be inside and none in the outer third of the bread.  One of these days I’ll have to try that or actually just add them in the last two of the three additions during a lamination.

Merry Christmas


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Thanks again, Benny. The dough was very tough to knead. I had to resort to the old way of rolling and pressing against the bench then fold over. I think I didn't adjust hydration enough after incorporating the ingredients. The raisins were added after the dough had been developed. I agree with you about when the add them, but I will have to up the hydration to get the dough to behave.  Maybe it was because I used home-milled whole-wheat.

Cheers. Merry Christmas.