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Need Help for Making Bread in a Counter Top Convection Oven

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Need Help for Making Bread in a Counter Top Convection Oven

I've been looking and really enjoying this sight for about 4-6 months and just decided to become a  "member". I greatly enjoy making bread but for close to 3 years I have been using a bread machine. I have made so many kinds of bread in the bread machine & even though 99% of my bread turns out exceptionally well,  it just doesn't taste exactly like the homemade bread a childhood friend's Mom use to make. I mainly live on the top floor of my house and because of medical issues It's hard for me to go up & down the stairs to use the oven on the 2nd floor to make oven baked bread. That's where the Counter Top Convection Oven comes in. While looking to make life a little easier on myself and still be able to enjoy baking and making bread I bought myself a Oster Extra Large Digital Turbo Convection Oven. The problem is I have never used a Convection oven to make bread before and really don't know all the important things that I probably should know. I bought a cookbook for the specific type of Oven I have but there really isn't any information on the specifics of baking bread in the Convection oven. I really need some help with any information and/or tips that can help get me started and hopefully some recipes specifically for baking bread using a Convection Oven. I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me. Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays. Best of Health to Everyone!!

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I use mine all the time with a dutch oven. I use the double loge and it fits in there just fine. For batards I use a clay baker