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a rising problem

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a rising problem

I've been making this one particular multigrain loaf for a number of years.  It's made with the LaBrea grape starter recipe that I've had for quite a while.  I've since added cooked quinoa to the bread and have made a couple this way quite successfully, albeit with a bit less yeast, 1 tsp as compared to 2.5 that I had previously used.

The other day, I mixed the dough sans salt & yeast in my desktop.  I fridged it for 6 hours or so.  I brought it out on the counter to rise, then added yeast and salt after a couple of hours and mixed again.  I may not have needed the additional yeast.  I shaped it and put it in a loaf pan.

The dough still seemed somewhat cool to me, so I left it in the oven overnight to rise, with the light on and perhaps a little residual heat (90º) from earlier baking.

 In the morning, it had overflowed it's pan.  I gathered the dough, kneaded a bit, reshaped and dropped it in a new pan. It felt pretty nice.  I let it rise on the counter 25 mins or so and baked as usual.  I'm sure it will taste as good as ever, but the resulting loaf barely rose.  I use a pan of boiled water whenever I bake bread.

 Is there anything I could have/should have done to fix this? 

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i am sorry to say that since it over proofed overnight the yeast was more likely dead by the time you reshaped it.

with no live yeast left the dough past on to dough heaven