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Joining the sourdough experience

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Joining the sourdough experience

After learning to bake bread a couple of months ago, I thought I would explore the world of sourdoughs and have been converted by the wonderful taste, texture and experience.

I've baked about a dozen loaves now and feel like I'm starting to understand the process a little better and am developing consistency in results.

The recipe I enjoy the most is 800g bread flour, 50g whole wheat flour, 50g dark rye flour, 220g starter (50/50 bread and whole wheat flour), 21g salt and 660g water.  This loaf was 50g buckwheat flour instead of dark rye which I had run out of.

I don't think I could ever eat store-bought bread again.  I just wish I had discovered this pursuit earlier.

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for only 12 loaves into the sourdough experience.

Welcome to TFL.


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I totally know what you mean about not wanting store-bought bread anymore. I have to honestly say that my loaves never look good, and their texture is usually wonky, but they taste so much better than store-bought bread. I didn't realize how true that was until I bought some commercially-made sandwich bread for a kids' party. I will admit that it was okay, but there was just something off about it. And it was way too sweet for sandwiches. It didn't really compare at all to homemade bread.