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28th bake. 11/29/2020. Seeds & Oats, 3rd try.

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28th bake. 11/29/2020. Seeds & Oats, 3rd try.

Nov. 29, 2020.

This is my third attempt at the "Adventure Bread" from the Josey Baker Bread book. But, this is my first attempt to make it exactly as written. Previously, I swapped out the psyllium husk for other binders, but I never matched the absorbancy of psyllium, so it was overly wet, and the oats totally dissolved.  (IE., I violated my own rule of not making substitutions until after you make something at least once, so that you know what it is supposed to look like. Once you know what it is supposed to look like, then have fun with it.)

A similar publicly available recipe is here:

I got the psyllium husk powder at Patel Brothers (Indian) grocery store.

Both formulas said just "psyllium husk" and did not further specify "whole" versus "ground" (powder).  Whole husks can be had at Whole Foods.

Metamucil has other ingredients beside psyllium, so I would not recommend using it.


After bake, top:

After bake, bottom:


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It looks good. I've tried a very similar recipe and enjoyed the 'bread'.  But I felt it was more of a seeded loaf thing than a bread.  It sure was, and yours sure looks, quite tasty!

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I haven’t baked anything like this yet Dave, yours looks really hearty and I bet it will taste great.


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The maple syrup makes it perfectly sweet.

Just remember, you're getting about 2 grams of psyllium (Metamucil) per slice!  Plus all the fiber in the nuts, seeds, and oats.

Wow! This recipe/formula alone made Josey's $2.99 ebook worth the buy.

His formula is in grams and cups. Lliezl Jayne's is in cups.

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Dave, it looks like a granola bar :-)

You may live forever if you eat enough of that...

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Well... the psyllium sure had it's affect on my digestive system.  Each slice is like drinking a dose of Metamucil.  

I can only handle one slice a day. But it tastes too good.  So I may just have to feed it  to the birds and squirrels.

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slice per day.

Anything more than one slice a day was just too much fiber.  My normal diet already has fruits and vegetables. Two slices a day was just too much psyllium and fiber.

So after eating half the loaf, I threw out the remainder. 

I will have to halve the recipe (and still limit myself to one slice/day), or find a way to substitute out at least half the psyllium.  (Psyllium ferments in the large intestine and has an effect that causes "social isolation" if you do not want to offend people around you.)