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All pie and nothing but pie, Thanksgiving.

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The Roadside Pi...

All pie and nothing but pie, Thanksgiving.

My bride was, in Az. for the Thanksgiving holiday. Her last chance after many covid cancellations to see the granddaughter, until next summer. (Just try and keep Nona away!) Wild horses could not! Anyway, I digress. I was content to be depressed and spend Thanksgiving with Barron, Bree, and Baily. Then it hit me like a freight train speeding down the main! What is it I love to do? That's right, make pie and blog about it! I submit over the top, full-on gourmet, Turkey pot pie! 

The formula consists of butter and shortening pastry. Homemade cranberry chutney, fresh vegetable gravy, and perfectly roasted turkey split breast.  Last but not least the creation was topped with lighter than air whipped sweet potato roses. For dessert, I formulated a chestnut spread and pear tart. The extra pie was frozen for another day! 

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Mini Oven

Mmmm!   What a way to spend the time.  Power to ya.  No rush and no hurry.  

Turkey is always better the second time 'round!


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Those sweet potato roses are amazing.  How did they bake up?  Looks delicious!  Might have to bake me some pie - will have to see if there is any turkey left...

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The Roadside Pi...

They baked up a treat! 

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Beautiful pies Will you are the Pie King after all.