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Sourdough Allison

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Sourdough Allison

I remember Allison bread form my childhood as my fathers bread of choice .

I wanted to bake a tasty whole wheat sourdoug loaf for lunch and this bread so I thought maybe I should try to create a sourdough Allison look a like. 

It seems simpler then I thought, al you need is whole wheat flour, water and salt.


Bakers percentage 

100% volkoren meel

90% water

1,5 - 2% zout

I use a 1 liter baking tin.


50 gram whole wheat flour

50mgram water

10 gram starter



370 gram whole wheat flour

328 gram water

7 gram salt


When everything is mixed you get a thick paste so let it rest for half a ouhr and the do three sets of stretch and folds every half ou. 

Let it rise until it is about it increased about 50%

shape and place in a greased baking tin. 

One thing in my experience you need 80% of the tin size in liter dough weight.
So if the tin is 1 liter / 1000 ml you need about 800 gram dough. 

put in the fridge and bake the next morning. 


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Wow, that really looks like a nice sandwich bread!

Did you bake straight from the refrigerator? At what temperature and for how long?


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I get it out if the fridge when the oven is hot enough for baking. 

I preheat on 250 °C when I put the bread in the oven I turn the heat to 225 after 25 minutes a turn the heat to 200 fir 10 minutes. 

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That looks wonderful dbazuin, really great crumb and crust.  Are you happy with your Allison bread?  I have to admit I’ve never heard of this bread before.


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