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24th bake.11/23/2020. Semolina, chia.

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24th bake.11/23/2020. Semolina, chia.

Nov. 23, 2020.

No measuring on this except for 3/8 tsp salt.

Starter, spring water, "Deep" brand Pani-puri semolina flour (gritty, not true flour, but fine grit) UPC 0-11433-11281-9, from Patel Brothers (same package as this: ),  whole chia seed.  The chia was not soaked prior to adding, and it was incorporated -- not used as a coating.

Bulk ferment, with 3 sets of stretch and folds.  Final fold, shape, proof in a round banneton lined and dusted with white rice flour. Banneton outer diameter 6.3", inner diameter 5-5/8" at upper rim.

Baked in a 1.75 qt enameled cast iron sauce pan, Crofton brand from Aldi. 6-3/8" inner diameter at upper rim. See it here:

Baked 20 min at 425 F lid on. 18 min at 400 F lid off.

Inner temp 210.0 F at end.

The paper plate is 9" diameter.



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Beautiful bake Dave, nice to see you posting your bakes.  I love the colour of the crumb and the specks of chia seeds.  Are you pleased with this loaf, you should be!