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Bred Maverick's Wild Yeast WW Molasses &

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Bred Maverick

Bred Maverick's Wild Yeast WW Molasses &

Bred Maverick’s Wild Yeast WW Molasses &

This is my version of "Newfoundland" bread.  It has a hint of sweetness and molasses. The open-hole crumb is not too soft, just perfect for slicing sandwiches.


100%     flour

 65%      water

   2%      salt

   5%      molasses

   4%      brown sugar

   5%      unsalted butter

   2%      wild yeast


300 g     whole wheat flour

150 g     all-purpose flour

100 g     sourdough, refreshed (50 g AP flour + 50 g H20)

325 g     water

10 g       salt

25 g       molasses

20 g       brown sugar

25 g       unsalted butter

 Using a standing mixer, add all ingredients except salt, molasses, brown sugar & butter.  Mix to incorporate and form dough. Let rest 15 – 20 minutes.  In a small container, nuke molasses, brown sugar and butter, 80% power, 30 seconds. With mixer on, slowly pour molasses mixture into dough. Add salt. Mix for about 3 minutes until all ingredients are incorporated. The dough should be smooth and supple.

 Let dough rise slowly in buttered bowl in warm location. Do a stretch and fold twice during first hour.

 Remove dough, flatten, and shape into a tight ball. Heavily coat a tight-weave cotton towel with AP flour mixed with rice flour. Place shaped boule on towel, bring up sides to cover dough. Place in a 3 quart round bowl. Cover top. Refrigerate overnight.


In morning, remove cold dough, about 2 hours before baking.  During last half hour, preheat oven 450 degrees with a covered bread pan. (I used the Emile Henry Cloche so I don’t have to fuss with inserting boule INTO a hot pot).  Turn the boule out of the bowl with towel onto a square of parchment.  Dough may still be cool, that’s okay. Score the top of boule with lame. Use parchment to help place boule on/in pot.

 Bake with cover 450 for 20 minutes. Remove cover, lower temperature to 425 and bake 20 minutes more or until slightly mahogany.

 Makes 1.8 lb boule.

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Bred Maverick