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Another Starter Troubleshooting

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Another Starter Troubleshooting

Hello! I created a starter this past May and it was quite active and happy for a good while and giving me some good boules! However, I had to move and go on vacation which was then followed by the start of the school season leading to me forgetting to feed a couple of times (worst was roughly 4 days).

Since then I've been trying to get more on-track feeding my starter daily while also putting it in a fresh jar each time (60g starter+ 60g AP flour+ 60g water) but I'm seeing zero activity now. It's been a couple of weeks and I'm seeing no rise and fall, no bubbles, barely any scent (only sour no fruity yeast scents). Is my starter dead? Any surefire ways people have used to revive theirs? Thanks!!

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Anon2 (not verified)

Is not going to help. If I were you I'd keep it in a warm place and forget about it. In the meantime get started on a new one in case this one is more than just hibernating. 

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Read through this - notably the phaz posts