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Sesame seed Crusted Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Sandwich Bread

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Sesame seed Crusted Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Sesame crusted purple sweet potato sourdough sandwich loaf. Followed FullProofBaking formula as follows with some minor modifications.  

Levain build overnight 80ºF 
12 g starter + 72 g flour + 40 g water

Morning combine 115 g levain, 250 g water 204 g bread flour, 74 g AP flour and 74 g whole red fife flour. Could add 0.1% IDY 0.356 g
Mix in mixer low speed for 8 min with dough hook. Rest 45 min covered.
Add in 9.25 g salt and 28 g brown sugar and knead 5 min low speed dough hook.
Then add in, a little at a time, 37 g unsalted room temp butter. Knead until well combined.
Laminate dough on counter and add 111 g mashed steamed purple sweet potatoes.
Slap and fold to combine. 
Move to bulk dish. Two coil fold at 1 hour intervals. 

Once doubled, tip out onto floured counter and pat out bubbles. Shape as batard then roll on wet towel then roll on tray with sesame seeds. Move to parchment paper lined pans seed side up (I always screw this up and place seed side down ugh and then have to get it out and flip it). 
Proof covered until dough rises to just over rim of tin. 
Slash with lame, spritz with water and bake.

Preheat oven to 425 for about 30 min, then bake for 25 min at 400. Turn down oven to 350 and bake until browned 35 mins. no steam is used.

Let cool in tins for 1 hour then remove and cool on rack until fully cooled before slicing


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Ilya Flyamer

The purple swirl is amazing! And very nice sesame seed coverage. Somehow sesame seeds on the outside of bread are the most tasty kind of sesame seeds :) I never achieved the same flavour by just toasting them.

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Thank you Ilya, you’re right, sesame seeds have the greatest impact on the outside of bread in my experience as well.


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Great crust, crumb, just the right amount of openness and lovely color.  Good job.

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So kind of you to say James, I appreciate it.


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beautiful healthy loaf.

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Thank you Evon, it is a delicious sandwich loaf that I will continue to bake again in the future.

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Nice bake with pretty colors and airy crumb. I guess the lamination is quite effective in trapping air in the dough.

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Thank you Peter, yes the lamination can trap a lot of air and I may not have been careful about popping those bubbles during lamination.  I guess I need to even more thoroughly pat down the dough during shaping as well.

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Love the crumb and artistic color.  A sandwich on this bread is a work of art?

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Thanks Ian.  Yes this bread was great for a sandwich, my family really enjoyed it.  This is likely be a regular around my house in the future.