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Thick open crust

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Thick open crust

Hi Everyone!

This is the first time I ask something to you guys, something that never happened before to me. 

I got today a sourdough loaf with a thick crust, right on the "scoring line". It seems as if, the first layer has not withstood the tension during the opening. 

Something wrong with the shape? The levain?

- Hydration 67%; Levain 20%; Flour protein 13%. 

- S&F x 3 during the bulk for 3 hs.

- Pre-shape

- Shape

- Bulk in banetton for 1,5 hs. 

- Retarding at 5˚C for 12 hs.

- Cooked in dutch oven. 

Thank you all! 


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Mini Oven

and maybe a crumb shot?  Thank you.  

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Did you score the loaf?  You use quotation marks around the word, in your original post.  It's not clear.  Please post photos as mini requested.  Thanks.