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Bottom crust hard to cut

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Bottom crust hard to cut

My sourdough bread has been consistently good -- good enough that I've started to sell it!  I bake in a dutch oven at 450 degrees -- 30 minutes with a lid, 15 minute without.  I use parchment paper on the bottom.  I am happy with the crumb, the crust, the ear, and most importantly the taste, but the bottom crust is always a little tough to cut.  I bought a new serrated knife that does a much better job, but even so it is still hard to cut.  And most people don't have such a high quality bread knife.  Often I have to tip the bread on its' side, and saw through the crust.

I read somewhere that putting a sheet pan on the bottom of the oven could help, but when I tried that there was no discernible difference.  

Anyone have any ideas?  I am wondering if maybe I should try baking at 425?  I've used a thermometer, and my oven seems fairly true to its temperature.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

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No words of wisdom, but I share your pain. I just started this, have made 3 sets of loaves and each time the bottom crust is saw-worthy! But so good. So, looking forward to answers as well. 

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I have the same problem. I usually get it done with some extra effort and a serrated knife. I have recently tried an electric knife and it works better than a regular serrated knife 

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I’ve read that some people will use a good kitchen scissors to cut through the bottom crust.

I’ve always wonders if softening it by letting it cool on a solid surface instead of a wire rack would make it easier to cut, but I’ve never tried this.


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Can you bite through without more issue than the top crust? Maybe it is that the knife attack angle is too shallow, try rotating the bread up a bit.