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Any help. Tips. Thank you in advance

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Any help. Tips. Thank you in advance

Hello everyone. This is my second loaf and to be honest I am happy with it. Yet I do have a problem. When cut into it it seems rather “doughy” if that is the proper term. 
my leaven was 

35 g of my starter 

35 g of bread flour 

35 g of whole wheat 

W/ 70 g of filter water 

it was left overnight and once that was set and bubbly.( passed the float test, and doubled in size) I started my journey. 

810 g bread flour 

90 g of whole wheat 

680 room temp water 

and 18g fine salt 

I  performed 6 sets of stretch and folds spaced out by 15 min then again at 30 min.after I let it rest 1.5 hours. Formed it into a loaf and chill overnight. So now I’m not sure. My first few loaves came out the same way. So any advice or tips may helps. 


edit. I’m sorry if my picture is a bit off. Or blurry for some reason it didn’t want to work with me. 
And please don’t be to hard on me this is only my second time and other places have been so cruel with any advice. I’m rather proud of what I’ve done. 

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To me. What was the total time from mixing levain with the final dough until you refrigerated the loaf? Ambient temperature? Baking method?

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Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement. Sorry to hear other places have been down on your questions. I think you’ll find people in this forum are great at answering questions. I’ve only been doing this for a few months but I will say it’s definitely a learning process. There’s ups and downs but stick to it and keep asking questions and you’ll see over time you’ll make lots of progress!