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Newest bake

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Newest bake

Just sharing my newest bake. It's been over a month since I baked my last sourdough and I feel like I'm getting pretty consistent now. Weather has cooled so proof time has changed.

This is 50% whole grains (150g whole wheat bread flour, 100g rye, 250g white bread flour) 80% hydration. Really nice caramelization in the crust.

It was doing some lovely singing as it cooled! Never noticed that before.

What do you think?

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to eat 👍

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And here's the crumb

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i think that's a mighty fine loaf great combination of flours and the crumb looks very nice and even well done and kind regards Derek

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That is a gorgeous bake, love the colour of the crust and the crumb is fabulous especially for 50% whole grain.  Well done.


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Nice loaf you got there! Could you tell about your process? I still need to try bread with those bottles in the background image :)

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Hmmm. Well, I've been experimenting a bit. I'd say my process the last few loaves have resulted in very similar results. For this particular loaf:

  1. combined everything (starter, water, salt, then flour) and rested in fridge overnight (about 12 hrs).
  2. removed from fridge and started coil folds once warmed up a bit.
  3. as room temp has come down a bit, the coil folds and pre-shaping proof took place for about 7 hours or so.
  4. pre-shaped and rested for half an hour
  5. shaped and basket proofed until close to bake-ready
  6. returned to fridge overnight
  7. Baked first thing in the morning.

Kind of a weird process I know. Been trying not to worry about the process so much lately. This ends up giving me the flexibility to start the dough and bake at whatever time of day I want or simply whenever the starter is at its peak. The key thing for me this go around was to force myself to really pay attention to the quality of the dough, which is what I've been doing the last few bakes. So far, it's been working out.

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Can you please post a photo of the proofing basket/banneton?  Thanks.  The bread looks good. 

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