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Return back to the dutch oven - Tartine Bread

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Return back to the dutch oven - Tartine Bread

Hey TFL,


How's it going? Hope all is well.  After battling my convection oven fan which has been drying my sourdough loaves out too quickly on the pizza stone I was using, I've returned back to using a dutch oven. I think I got some decent results and would like your constructive criticism, feedback and advice as well for my two loaves.

The formula I used was from Chad Robertson's Tartine book. But I used a rye starter.

800gr strong bread flour, 200gr wholemeal flour, 750gr water, 20gr salt and 200gr starter. The dough was bulk fermented with an end temp of approximately 22 degrees. It was then proofed for 3.5 hours with the last half hour proofed in the freezer so scoring could be made easier. Oven used in convection mode and preheated at 250 degrees celcius for approximately 1 hour. Baked at 20 mins with lid, and about 25 mins without lid at 220 degrees celsius. 

Here are some pictures for your feedback :) 

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loaf just cooled down and this is the internal crumb:


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I don't have anything critical to say here. How did it taste?

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My experience is also that the only way to get a decent loaf in  fan-permanently-on oven is to use a Dutch oven.  That looks a nice loaf!

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Looks pretty darn good.. maybe make a sling out of the parchment so that you can take it out of the dutch oven after the steaming portion and put it on a flat tray.  that way the lower half of the loaf can color evenly with the top half?