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Increase for Volume Baking

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Increase for Volume Baking

Hi! So I currently feed my starter as follows 40g Starter/40g water/40g flour. I’m unsure how to increase that without discarding and feeding with new starter,flour and water. at the scheduled feeding time, do I just add more flour and water to the last feed to increase it? Thanks!!

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Chenoa,  what do you want to do?  If you want to end up with more than 120 grams of starter,  you have 2 options.  Either refresh twice at the ratio 1:1:1 ,  so for example, if you want to end up with 240 grams of starter, the first refresh would be 30:30:30   and when that starter matured, you can discard 10,  and take 80 grams of starter from the first refresh , and add 80 flour, and 80 water.  The other option is to change your ratio -  some go as high as 1:5:5   so  to do that,  you would start with 22 grams of starter, and add 110 water and 110 flour - it will take much longer to mature since the flour and water are much higher, but you would only have one refresh.