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Tartine levain refresh

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Tartine levain refresh

I've been regularly making the Tartine country loaf- but I essentially build a new levain each time I make it.  The past few times I've kept the remaining levain and fed it some flour (following his instructions to make a dry paste) . Does anyone have experience doing this? I'd like to use the levain from my fridge to start my bread. Do I just feed it normally, aiming to end up with the 150g of levain the final dough calls for?

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Depends on your meaning of levain.

If you mean starter - that does sound a little over the top and would not be considered a normal procedure.

If you mean a preferment (a % of the formula mixed and let to sit for a period of time before completing the formula) - yeah many take that route.

Saving some of the dough for the next batch has been done for I'm sure thousands of years - also known as old dough. I do that here and there, but every time I make bread, but if I feel like it I do. No issues.

Fridge - I'd say a majority use cold for storage of starters, I'm one of them. If ya go about it properly, no issues. There's many posts on this, not that they are all good, but you should be able to get the gist of the process from those - which is - and this is a basic principle - cold slows things down. Enjoy!