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It's been a year and it's almost ready!

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It's been a year and it's almost ready!

I have been re hydrating my starter from last July (2019) and it's still good! It's almost ready to bake with! I am very excited! The jar on the left is half whole wheat and half rye flour, the small jar on the right is half whole wheat and half bread flour, for an upcoming pumpkin loaf bake. I didn't want to throw any starter out yet, so I plan to make sourdough cinnamon rolls with the bigger one (300g). I am using King Arthur Flour's recipe and that takes 227grams of sourdough. So hopefully I will be doing a bake tomorrow and a bake on Friday. Crackers are in the near future too.

I started with 5grams of dehydrated starter, added 10grams of water and let sit overnight. It was mush the next day so I stirred it and then added 10grams each of flour (whole wheat and rye) and water. I added 5g of water/flour the next three days making sure to watch for bubbles. I had a bit of separation near the bottom of the jar on the second day so I added a teaspoon of rye since what I could find about it said that it was a result of not enough food. It went back to normal and I continued my 10gram feeds. I am now on the second proper feed and after this it will go into the refrigerator for once a week feeds. I still have more dehydrated starter since my first try didn't go so well. I left the lid partially off on the first try and it got moldy. So now it's a tight lid and it's taking off! I am hoping to use most of it so I don't have to discard any for the next feed. We eat a lot of crackers around here, so maybe a small batch of crackers each week or some rolls every other week.