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22nd bake, 09/21/2020. Over-proofed, again.

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22nd bake, 09/21/2020. Over-proofed, again.

Sept. 21, 2020.  Goal 1240 g total dough, with bread spice. 

5:41 pm. Mixed 407 g home-milled Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat, 100 g home-milled Kamut, 118 g home-milled hard red winter wheat, (625 g total flour), 531 g water, (531/625=.85), 12.5 g salt (2%). Plan for a 1.5 hr soak/autolyse.

[ Autolyse: 1 hour 35 minutes.]

 7:16 pm. Folded in 44 grams of 100% hydration starter (generic AP flour), 8 grams water, 17 grams generic AP flour.   Overall hydration so far: (531+22+8) / (625+22+17) = 561 / 664 = 84.5%

625 / 664 = 94% whole grain.

7:46 pm - 7:51 pm. Stretch and fold, and fold in 1 tsp ground bread spice. (By pre-ground volume: 1/3rd coriander, 1/3rd caraway, 1/3rd fennel.) Spices were raw, not roasted.

7:57 pm. added 5 grams water. 566 / 664 = 85.2% total hydration.

Total weight, calculated: 1239 grams.

8:21 pm: Stretch and folds.

8:53 pm. Stretch and folds.

9:25 pm. Stretch and folds.

9:44 pm. Stretch and folds.

10:09 pm. Stretch and folds.

[ Bulk ferment, 4 hours, 7:16 - 11:16 pm ]

Weight, measured: 1227 grams.

11:16 pm. Fold and did a weak shape (no pre-shape/rest), put in banneton and into fridge.

Sept. 22, 2020.

6:14 am. Take out of fridge. Went back to bed.

9:08 am. It rose too much at room temp. Put back in fridge.

9:09 am. Start pre-heat of oven and Lodge cast iron combo-cooker, target 495/475* F.

Oiled heated pot with grape-seed oil, dusted with fine semolina. Forgot parchment paper again.

[ Final proof, 11:16 pm - 9:56 am, 10 hours + 40 minutes ]

9:56 am. Bake covered, 495/475 F, 10 minutes.

10:06 pm. Bake covered, 470/450 F, 10 minutes.

10:16 am. Bake covered. 450/430 F, 10 minutes.

10:26 am. Bake UNcovered, 420/400 F, 20 minutes.

10:46 am.  Bake uncovered, 400/380 F, 10 minutes.

10:56 am.  Internal temp 210.0 F.  Total bake 60 minutes.

Virtually no oven spring at score lines, they weren't deep enough. There was some oven spring over-all as evidenced by exapansion cracks throughout the top crust. Ergo, final shaping was too weak and didn't form a good gluten skin/cloak.

I should have left it in fridge, as the expansion during the room-temp final proof was too much.


I always let boules cool upside down. This was the first time the upper crust collapsed.

(to be updated with crumb photo.)

* First number is oven thermostat setting, second number is a store-bought oven thermometer.


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I cut it open at the 22 hour mark. The crumb openness seems acceptable to me, along the lines of previous good loaves. So, expansion occured, but it was prior to going into the oven, not oven spring.  This would have been a better pan loaf.

The gluten cloak wasn't strong, as I did a quick and only half-hearted shaping. It spread out to the edges of the dutch oven.

Gluten structure is not that great. It could have used some kneading, or a longer bulk  with less final proof.  But this was a high percentage, 94%, whole grain, and coarsely ground.

Taste: not tangy.  Bread spices are barely detectable -- will increase next time.

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Dave the crumb is certainly good so if it was over proofed which it sounds like it wasn't badly over proofed.