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Whew! It's okay.

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Whew! It's okay.

I have a starter I captured using the method in The Cheese Board Collective Works book (similar to the one in BBA).  I have had it for about six years now (it is almost the same age as my daughter).  I haven't been baking a lot recently and it sat in my fridge for a while.  I took it out to refresh it last week and got almost no growth.  I was afraid I had killed it, but when I got up this morning I found that it had grown to about 1.5 times its size.  I was so relieved.


Thanks for listening.  I just wanted to tell somebody who would understand. 

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Good save!  Hope you post some of your baked items when you get around to baking again.  We would love to see them.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL