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hooch turned white and solid?

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hooch turned white and solid?

Dear all,

I stored my starter in the fridge after a fresh feed 6 weeks ago. I checked in passing about 4 weeks ago and it had hooch on it, dark liquid, which I've seen and dealt with before so I wasn't concerned and moved on. However when I went back to feed it this morning, about 6 weeks, there was no more hooch and instead I found some sort of white guy layer on top.

I panicked and spooned it off so I don't have a pic to show unfortunately, but I'm still hoping people will be able to give me a clue.

The closest thing I can think of is the sort of white fat that curdles at the top of broth if you know what I mean. Or maybe chickpeas liquid if you put it in the fridge for a while.

I'm concerned that it was mold, but I don't get how it was possible... jar had nothing suspicious after 4 weeks, was sealed in the fridge so what happened? also wondering where the hooch went.

Anybody seen this kind of thing before?

thank you very much for your help,

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But don’t be too concerned. It happens. Just scoop it off and use something from the bottom to feed a new starter. Mold can definitely grow at fridge temperatures. And it can develop quickly. 
6 weeks is a long time unfed. I usually feed refrigerated starter once a week. Anything over two weeks is in rescue mode. Where I scrape from the bottom to rebuild. I won’t use one that’s more than a week or so old to build a levain.