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It arrived! And my first _successful_ WW loaf

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It arrived! And my first _successful_ WW loaf

My new GrainMaker arrived last Monday.  The thing is a BEAST!  Used it to mill popcorn for a cornbread I took to out local Order of Eagles, some Durum to make Semolina for pasta, and HRW to make a loaf.  I'm confident it will give me a lifetime of service -- and good arm exercises!

I would also like to thank everyone for bearing with me as I evolved my sandwich loaf recipe to WW. I am the son of an engineer, both literally and proverbially, so I start with what I have, see what breaks, and learn from the postmortem.  I used HRW for this, so the loaf was not unsurprisingly dense -- although not as dense as my first _unsuccessful_ loaf of HRW, which basically like a brick.

As seen in the photo, the dome collapsed because of a mistake I made.  Will remedy that on the next loaf. Speaking of which, the next loaves will be HRS and HW, so I can note the differences.

And idaveindy, that was a valuable insight, on the bran containing enzymes that convert starch to sugar, which in turn fed the yeast.  I'm guessing that's why this dough doubled in size in only 45 minutes, whereas white flour took 2+ hours.

So, that's about it.  Will be playing further with whole wheat, to see what else I can make break. Thanks again!