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Sourdough Baguette Issues - over or under-proofed?

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sourdough dan

Sourdough Baguette Issues - over or under-proofed?

I just started baking sourdough earlier this year, and has been largely successful, but I have tried baguettes a couple of times and they came out flat and too dense, with weird bulges. I used the recipe from The Perfect Loaf, but divided by 6 and made 2 smaller baguettes:

The dough felt good and shaped well, but after transfer from the kitchen towel I used as a couche it flattened a bit before I could even score it. This recipe has way less RT bulk ferment time than others I have seen, so thought it was under-proofed, but could cutting the recipe by 1/6 actually speed fermentation and make it overproofed? 

Pictures of the baked baguette and the crumb below.



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The Roadside Pi...

I have no clue. However, I all of a sudden, feel much better about my latest sourdough baguette bake. Smile... I would start by reading the community bake thread, in it's entirety. Then, do a deep google/ fresh loaf search, for: "The fresh Loaf baguettes". Go grasshopper and seek enlightenment! Maybe smarter people than me can help. I thing much more information would be required. By the way, "Much smarter than me? easily achieved! 


 Will F.


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The Roadside Pi...

I was still wet behind the ears. I even commented, and left a link to my bake! Will Slick 

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My first bake came out just like that! Did you figure out what went wrong? Thanks!!