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Croissant Deck Oven issues

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Croissant Deck Oven issues


Long time lerker here!


I am having some issues with baking my croissant off in our deck oven. 

We produce the croissant over three days

day 1 mix and chill (12 hours)

day 2 laminate, shape and chill to 0c

day 3 proof and bake


However the last step is letting us down and after repeated efforts to manipulate our baking times we are still at fault.

I use a deck oven for baking. (cant afford a fan oven yet!) Each deck is 3 trays wide and 2 trays deep.

Our bake time is 26 minutes. our croissant look lovely about 10-15 minutes in. puffed up and risen very well. however they often slump and flatten out losing all luster they had mid bake.

they enter at for 210c top/bottom 70/30

then drop to 190c for the rest of bake

has anyone had success baking pastries in a deck oven? 

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I have baked croissants successfully in a deck oven and there is no reason it can't work. I notice mine get a little darker overall when compared to convection, but it works great. You haven't given us your method in detail so it's hard to troubleshoot. It would also help to see the crumb structure of the finished product. If it is collapsing after the initial oven spring then that could be several things like that they were over-proofed, the layering collapsed due to weak flour or poor gluten development. It could be that your oven temp is too high.  Your dough hydration was too high or your layering technique was not consistent. Many possible reasons.

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thanks for the reply and here my method in detail.

dough recipe is

100% 12.5% flour

25% water

17% milk

5% butter

5% egg

3.5% fresh yeast

14% sugar

2% salt.


mix for 8-10 minutes 1st and 2 minutes second speed.

shape into balls and then retard for 12 hours at 3c

next day take out, roll out and chill. laminate. x 2

then shape and hold at 0c overnight until proofed at 26c with 75% humidity.


Im pretty happy with our lamination of the butter. nice clean layers. 


hope that helps